Sunday, November 14, 2010

R - Ria's Goals

Here are my goals, which are pretty similar to S's (that's why we're doing this together, after all!)

Short Term
Read scriptures (for meaning) daily
* Start and end each day with personal prayer
* Bless each meal
* Begin attending the temple at least quarterly
* Begin a gratitude journal
Long Term
* Remain worthy of a Temple recommend
* Feel the Spirit in my life on a constant basis
* Share my testimony regularly (quarterly)

Short Term
* Begin exercising every day - at minimum a 10 minute walk. Preferably 30 minute to 1 hr workout
* Reduce sugar and meat in diet
* Stop eating fast food
* Get sufficient sleep
Long Term
* Exercise Daily
* Have enough energy to keep up with my kids
* Get to a vegan, mostly raw diet
* Be comfortable with my body

Short Term
* Track spending
* Make a budget
* Follow it!!
* Get out of debt (excluding from mortgage loans) by August 2011
Long Term
* Have at least 3 months, preferably 1 year or more income available in savings
* Own our home without mortgage
* Financially, be able to travel regularly

Other Goals:
* De-clutter - live simply
* Travel regularly with kids and without
* Build and maintain relationships with my husband, children, family and friends
* Finish the projects that I start
* Home school and/or road school my children

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