Monday, January 17, 2011

R - Starting fresh

So, it's a New Year. That time of year when we write down all the things we want to change and sprint towards the finish line, usually getting a couple weeks in and then dropping from exhaustion. I didn't even make it to the original sprint this year, as we have been sick since we got back from all the traveling.

I have been slacking in most things goal related, but I plan to get back to focusing on those things that are important again.

While we were traveling, we did a pretty good job of at least having prayers on food, and I got some exercise several times by walking the dog. We are eating much less meat and on a less regular basis. A big thing for us was that we didn't eat out almost at all while we were traveling, where normally, we eat out constantly. That was in part related to the fact that we made a budget for the trip and more or less stuck to it. So for as much as I wasn't actually focused on those goals, we did pretty well.

Even though I have been nigh unto death for the last week or so, I still made it to sacrament meeting for the last two weeks. D told me I should probably stay home, but I notice such a difference in myself when I go and when I stay home. So I just tried not to breathe on anyone while I was there. And this last week, I was actually able to pay attention during sacrament meeting. Do you know when that last happened?? Me either. It was great. The talks were on having peace in troubling times. It brought to mind a friend, but I know I also need this lesson a LOT in my own chaotic world. There is peace in righteousness. Peace is a gift from the Lord that we only have when we are following His teachings. A reminder that I need to get back to reading my scriptures, and saying my prayers

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